Why do 3rd Party’s insurer won’t pay when accident happen

When you are driving on a straight road and another driver cut into your lane and cause accident to happen. You will think that it is the other party fault and should pay for your car repair cost or medical bills, don’t be surprise that you might be the one paying for it.

From the past records, both party will write their own report accordingly to their experience and every little details of the accident is important and will be crucial if you win or lose the claim.

For the other driver to be responsible for the accident, there must be proof to justify that he was negligent.

3rd Party will only pay if the injured party can prove the driver is at fault. If you can't prove negligence, the insurance company will have to settle with 3rd Party’s insurer according to your liability. One of the keys to a successful claim is to establish the other driver's fault early and thoroughly."

By the rule of thumb, do not acknowledge any liability with 3rd party and this should be decided by your insurer. Once you agree to sign any letter of acknowledgement that you are at fault, the insurer will refute your claims and you will be left alone to fend for yourself which is the last thing you want.

If you don't have collision coverage, which would pay for repairs to your car in an accident, you have to rely on the at-fault driver's insurance to pay for repairs. Here are five scenarios

Below are some other reasons when 3rd Party's insurance company may refuse to pay out -- even if you think it should.

1. Due to medical emergency.

If a driver is suddenly incapacitated by a medical emergency -- a stroke or heart attack, for instance -- he may not be liable if he didn't have sufficient warning before losing control of the car.
Nonetheless, the driver will still be negligent if he is not supposed to drive due to his medical condition but he insist on driving.

2. Hit by vehicle due to an emergency.

3. Accident with a hit-and-run driver.

Let’s take the below scenario as an example
You are driving along the road and a vehicle hit you and you did not manage to capture his vehicle registration no. Since you do not have 3rd Party vehicle no or record, you will not be able to claim against any party since the insurer have no one to claim except your own insurance policy.
Do note that your word about a hit and run vehicle is not enough. You'll need proof like eyewitness testimony, vehicle damage and a police report to back up the claim.

4. A stolen vehicle hits you.

Insurers cover you, your named driver or anyone whom you give permission. However, it does not cover if the car is stolen. Therefore, you can only claim liability from the thief but the success rate is usually equal to zero.
But the car owner might be found partially liable if he did something negligent that led to the theft, such as leaving the keys in the car with the car running.
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