How can you keep your young driver crash-free

The statistics from the insurance company have shown that the crash rates for young drivers are much higher than drivers that are over age 30s – 40s. These explain why car insurance rates are so high for young drivers. Below are some of the ways that you can use so that you will be able to get a cheap car insurance rate for them. (See: Car Insurance For New Drivers)

Find a good car instructor

It is all about habit when you first get to learn anything new. Finding a good instructor who will give a proper guidance to the young driver is a important head start. There are a few key points that they need to take note.

  • Developed the skill to keep watch on the road situation and anticipate danger in advance.
  • Teach young drivers what to look out for and how to react in difficult situation. Eg. the technique of applying emergency brake when you need to, do not follow the car too close to avoid hitting the rear.

Guide them when they just got their license

Take a ride with them when they are at their first few months on the wheels. Go to unfamiliar or congested route with them to let them experience what need to be done and react when necessary. Don’t take things for granted and assume that it is a easy route. It will be easy for you not for them!!

Practice makes it Perfect

As the saying goes, practice make it perfect. Continuous practice with the proper guidance will allow the young drivers to pick up the skills better and less prone to an accident. 

Set a good example

It is very common for people to talk or sms while driving and this is a ‘no no’ when it comes to driving. A lot of accidents happen due to lack of concentration and this bad habit which will be pass down to the young driver who follow suit what you did.
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