Car Insurance For New Drivers

Your first motor insurance policy is likely to be expensive in regardless of how old you pass your license. Car insurance Singapore is compulsory – as cover is not optional – there are steps new drivers can take to find the cheapest possible car insurance.
A great place to start is with us to help you to compare new driver insurance quotes from different insurance companies. (See: 'How can you keep your young driver crash-free')

What should a new driver look for in an insurance policy?
Whilst getting the cheapest possible price for your motor insurance is important, ensuring you get the most appropriate cover as a new driver is equally important.In the event of making a claim, you need to rely on your insurer, therefore, choosing an insurer you can trust to give you an efficient service is important. It should help you to manage your claims so that it will not escalate in the claim amount

Finding The Right Level Of Cover For You
Assess carefully for the policy options available to you so that it will be smooth sailing should you make a claim later on.
There are three key elements to consider when buying car insurance for a new driver:
Type of cover – You need to decide on either Third Party only, Third Party Fire and Theft or Comprehensive cover. Each provides a different level of cover, so it is important you choose the most suitable.
Policy features – Some policies offer a courtesy car if yours is off the road following an accident, others offer no claims discount protection or zero excess. You should look beyond what the policy costs and think about what you get for the price.
Policy extras – Additional and optional features like breakdown and zero excess for windscreen will vary from policy to policy, think about what you are likely to need before you commit.
(See: " Is Third Party insurance cover really the cheapest car insurance ")

How New Drivers Can Find Cheap Car Insurance
There are many different ways to find have a lower premim, eg.
  1. Choosing a car with a smaller engine, which will be seen as less of a risk by insurers, will help to keep costs down.
  2. Fitting provider-approved security equipment like an immobiliser or alarm will have an effect on your premium, as well as parking in a secure location overnight.
  3. Driving safely and avoiding driving convictions will keep your license clean and build up your no-claims discount, making your policy cheaper in the future.
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