What are the costs & benefits for engaging a Domestic Helper in Singapore?

For some households, engaging a Domestic helper is very important to them due to their work commitment or taking care of their kids or elderly at home. But it will not be easy to hire a stranger and leave the responsibilities to them. But the benefits derived from their engagement are what prompt many to look in this direction.

Benefits derived

  • Wide job scope & greater availability when compared to part-time helper: The live-in helper is found to be more affordable. He/she can be employed to perform a variety of tasks. Besides cleaning & cooking, helpers can go for grocery shopping & pick kids from school.
  • Inexpensive salaries: Their monthly salary is much affordable when compared to bearing eldercare & childcare facilities. They are indeed an economical choice for households having children & elderly people.
  • More quality & relaxation time with your kids: Since you get prompt assistance from your helper with cleaning, cooking & doing other chores, you can get some free time. This time, you can give to your children & spend with them. You also get to relax & de-stress yourself. This is because you do not have to worry about coming home tired & enter straight into the kitchen. But do ensure that you have valid & adequate maid insurance.
  • Gaining a friend: The helper with time becomes part of your family. Respecting them will help you win a friend.
  • Better communication: You can watch your child interact continuously with your maid. This will also allow you to understand a new side in your child, something never seen before. It also provides an opportunity to train your child to care & respect for others, to interact & show appreciation. Thus, it can help your child to become a better person.
  • Training & supervision: It is important to train your helper to know the responsibilities & duties to undertake. Also, he/she will require close supervision during the initial days to ensure correct work. Your helper can attend classes to become an expert in various types of tasks, thus making your work easy. However, such classes will require you to spend some money.
  • Cost of food, salary, insurance & healthcare: It is your responsibility to support your maid. You need to provide healthy food, insurance, healthcare & pay salary.

When hiring a helper to take care of your household, you need to consider the above points. Also, it is essential to avail insurance from the top company like NTUC.

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