When your Car Insurance Claim is Rejected, what should you do?

There are hundreds of accidents that happen on the roads of our country on a daily basis. It is quite common that the cars involved in the accident are covered by their car insurance service providers that they have signed up with.

A car insurance is provided to a car owner only on the belief that they would not end up duping the company. Although your case might be a genuine one it is the job of the insurance company to scrutinize your claim application filed with them.

Despite being covered there are chances that you might not get paid by your insurance service provider. There are said to be different reasons that cause your car insurance claims to be rejected and we look at the course of action required from your end if it is rejected.

What is a Claim Rejection?

After you have your claim filed with the insurance company, they might not approve of it due to a variety of reasons. In these cases, your claim would be rejected. In simpler terms, it means that the insurance service provider would not pay for the repair or damages.

Reasons for Rejections

Although there are many reasons for the car insurance claims to be rejected, we list a few that are most common in the country. They are as follows:

  • Fraudulent Claim
  • Delayed Claim
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Insurance Expired
  • Policy Conditions Violation
  • Car Modified Without Intimation
  • Losses that are not Covered

There might be other reasons for your claim to be rejected than the reasons stated above.

Know Your Rights

You might end up regretting not reading the small print on your insurance application when your car insurance claims are rejected. However, if you think that you have a strong case for a claim to be approved you would have to be sure about certain things.

Know your rights by calling your insurance service provider and seek details on why it was rejected. In case the reasons they provide are something you can correct then you have chances of resubmitting a claim all over again to have it approved.

Challenge the Rejection

If you genuinely believe that your car insurance claims should be approved but wrongly rejected you can always challenge the rejection. You can either challenge it with the service provider, court, or with the help of a lawyer you can help you achieve results.

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