What must you do when you file for motor insurance claims

It is really unfortunate if you have met with an accident involving your car and you need to repair your vehicle & pay fees for the damage. However, on having valid Car Insurance, you can simply claim the damages from the insurance company for repairs. But first-timers are found to make some common mistakes. Hence, there is either delay in getting the claim amount or not being paid at all. This could be due to some avoidable errors committed.

Important must-do's to follow while filing vehicle insurance claims

  • Avoid touching anything: You may be tempted to repair your car immediately after the accident. But this is the wrong thing to do. Like any crime scene, it will be wise to leave the car as it is. With proper evidence, your chances to get an insurance claim will be quite higher.
  • Take photographs of your car at various angles: This is crucial & something you should not miss out on. Document everything possible accurately as it can help you to get claims much faster. You can also take photos of your surrounding like tracks made by your car tire on the road. Also, you can take images of indent depth made in your vehicle. Images taken should be detailed & of your car's damage. If someone is injured, please report to the Police and call an ambulance.
  • Get contact details of involved parties: Do get accurate & relevant contact details of other parties involved. This means of the driver of the other vehicle including others accompanying him/her. Note the other parties' car plate number & driver license for extra security.
  • Be factual & clear: As you fill-up the accident form from the motor insurance company, be accurate to mention the details. Include relevant information that can help to make the investigation in your favor. Details if omitted might delay the entire claims process or even deny you completely. Try to chronologically recall the accident as it just happened. Avoid making false claims.
  • Get to know your policy: As a layman, you may have a tough time understanding your insurance policy. You need to go through the policy & find out the following:
    • Pre-existing conditions if any, which might exclude coverage?
    • Mandatory documentation pieces required deriving successful claims?

While reporting your claims, you need to report it within 24 working hours. Otherwise, it may result in late reporting and incurred a 10% deduction in your No Claim Discount (NCD).

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