What can cause a car accident and how do you prevent it?

Car accidents account for many deaths worldwide and out of them, many are caused by carelessness and failure to observe traffic rules. As much as there are many causes of car accidents, such as mechanical failures, bad weather, punctured tires among others, carelessness and utter ignorance are the main causes of car accidents. Car accidents can be prevented and if the process is well done the number of car accidents can be reduced by more than seventy percent. Any car accident caused by human error can be prevented and so are other causes of car accidents. Here are the main causes of car accidents and the various ways to prevent them.

Causes of car accidents

Drunk driving

It is a clear rule that you shouldn’t drink and drive. The reason this rule is made clear is that alcohol impairs your judgment. As you are well aware, judgment is the main quality when you are driving because you are not alone on the road and you will be required to make quick decisions, judge distances, and also the positions and speed of other motorists and pedestrians where applicable. Alcohol impairs this crucial requirement and ultimately causes drivers to make mistakes that they would not have made if they were sober. Drink driving is dangerous and is a major contributing factor to car accidents.


When you are driving you should keep a reasonable distance from the car in front of you. That is to ensure that should the person in front brakes abruptly, you will have time to stop safely without hitting them. Tailgating is dangerous because, in case of an abrupt stop or failure of your brakes, you may cause an accident.

Poor vehicle maintenance

More to this, make sure that your car is well inspected to ensure that it does not develop mechanical failure that could result in accidents. To prevent a car accident, please have your car repaired when you realize any problem and also have it serviced promptly.

How to prevent car accidents

Avoid drink driving, because it impairs your judgment. If you drink please do not drive. Whenever you are driving, make sure that you maintain a good distance between you and the driver ahead so that in case of any sudden stops you will be able to stop safely. Tailgating has caused many injuries and death. Please don’t be a victim.

Accidents are also caused by poor vehicle maintenance. Remember, as you use your vehicle, it slowly experiences wear and tear. The purpose of maintenance is to repair and replace damaged parts so that they won’t cause failure when you are on the road.

Your safety is important. Please avoid any causes of a car accident. Your family, friends, and the world as a whole need you alive. Drive safely.

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