What Are the Common Causes of Car Accidents?

It is possible for you to know the number of accidents that happen on your roads on a regular basis. You would be surprised as there are more than hundreds of accidents that are caused on a daily basis.

Anyone who is involved in an accident would know that their car insurance provider would have them covered. The car insurance you have typically protects you and the people on road in case of an accident. Loss of property, damage to car, repair to car, injury, and other basic things are often covered with the car insurance policy that you have in case of accidents.

There are different types of car insurances and they tend to differ from one provider to another. However, the reasons for an accident are quite common and we look at the top reasons for people to be involved in a car accident.


This is considered to be one of the primary causes for car accident all over the country. A lot of the car owners do not adhere to the traffic regulations and speed limits. This ends up putting themselves and the others on the road at risk by causing an accident.


The negligence of the driver or someone else on the road are also one of the top reasons for car accidents. Sometimes, the negligence can also be caused due to distractions that a person should resist while they are on the road.

Drunk or Driving Under the Influence

If you are involved in a car accident when you were drunk or were driving under the influence you can be assured of your car insurance claims to be rejected. This is another reason for so many accidents that happen on roads all over the world.

Non-Adherence to Traffic Rules

There are traffic rules put in place for a specific reason. The reason for the same is the safety of anyone and everyone using the roads. If you are not adhering to traffic rules, signals, and other common regulations then your car insurance claims can be rejected.

This is if you are to meet up with an accident when you are not adhering to the traffic rules. This is another common factor that causes most accidents in the world. If everyone were to follow the traffic rules there would be no real damage or accidents on our roads.

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