What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance (also known as motor or auto insurance) is necessary to protect your vehicle from unforeseen risks such as accident, total loss, theft, windscreen crack and many others.
It provides coverage against the losses incurred as a result of unforeseen instances. It helps cover against own damage repair, third party claims against you if it is your fault (injury claims can be very high if the other party is badly injured), theft, total loss if your car is beyond repair, financial loss caused by accidents (eg, rental of vehicles) and any subsequent liabilities. The type of cover of Car insurance can be the insured party, the insured vehicle and third parties (car and people) and third party only.
(Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Theft Party only).

The premium of the car insurance is dependent on a few parameters like
1. value of the car
2. type of coverage
3. age and occupation
4. Driving experience
5. what is your No Claim Discount (Discount given each year if you did not make a claim and up to a max of 50%)
6. vehicle classification (Make & Model)
7. do you have any claims over the last 3 years
8. voluntary excess
9. low mileage declaration
10. restricted driver
11. driving for leisure or work.

Car insurance gives us the assurance when we are on the road and if we are not adequately cover, we will be in a dire situation and worse case financial losses.

All the car insurance companies are eyeing for customer base in the market and it can be quite confusing or difficult at times when you are spoilt for choice. Choosing the right policy and insurer do matters especially when it comes to claims. Buying car insurance give you the assurance that they will take care of all when accident happen, therefore, a reliable and reputable insurer does matter and do not be surprise when you are rejected by insurers when you did not declare properly. Direct Car Insurance companies provide the convenience to let you buy online but you must not take for granted  to remove certain benefits to reduce the premium and it will come back haunting at you if accident happen and you are not covered. Car insurance may seem complex and time consuming at times but it will help saves you spending a fortune later and it is all worthwhile the effort and time spend.

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