What You Need To Do After A Car Accident?

Being involved in a car accident can be one of the worst experiences in life and it can be the first time for a lot of people. Below are some pointers that can be helpful and it will be good to take note and know about it so that you will not be lost when it happens to you.

Seek Emergency Medical Treatment

In case you have injuries, it is important to see a doctor immediately. You could be suffering from physical difficulties or experiencing pain in one or more areas of your body. Keep in mind that you should keep all the report and bills that you are undergoing treatment for to claims against third party who is at fault. Alternatively under your own policy, do check if you are covered under Personal Accident and Medical Expenses that allows you to claim under your own policies. Do note that you also need to make a police report due to injury.

Call the police and ambulance

Call an ambulance immediately if you have major injuries. Vital information about the car mishap, such as road conditions, statements from eyewitnesses etc should be given to the police. Do not discuss any of the details of the crash with the witness, apart from the objective of getting their contact information. You would not like to be seen by the law as someone who exerted his own influence on the witnesses.

Contact Your Insurance Agency

It is important not to discuss the details of your case with anybody. Never give any statement or admit liability until you have talked to your insurance agency. Keep in mind that you have to offer statement to your own insurer within 24 working hours as mentioned in your policy.

Report within 24 working hours after the accident

It is a requirement to do the accident reporting within 24 hours after the accident. It will be helpful if you can present the whole accident scenario through your recorded video camera. However, if you do not have it is important to take video or pictures of the accident before you shift your car to the side. It is common to shift the car to the side after the accident happen but it will be very difficult for insurers to justify your statement if there is no evidence to justify what you have said.

You should collect all possible documents associated to your case - such as accident reports, receipts, prescriptions, doctor's instructions, medical bills etc. Try to get the names, contact numbers and addresses of any witnesses to the mishap.

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