Speeding Offenses in Singapore: Will Your Car Insurance Cover If You Are Being Caught?

In Singapore, speeding is a matter of serious concern. Drivers are expected to remain within speed limits, or face the consequences of speeding otherwise. The speed limit for normal roads is indicated by respective signs of speed limit and is generally between 30 to 70 kilometers per hour. The speeding limit generally depends on the surrounding land use, profile of road users and characteristics of the road.

Speed Limits in Singapore

The speed limit in this city varies according to the situation:

  • 80 to 90 km per hour for tunnels and expressways
  • 50 km per hour where there is no speed limit sign
  • 40 km per hour on normal roads

The limit is, however, subject to restrictions made public by the Road Traffic Notification.

What are the Penalties for Speeding in Singapore?

The penalties can be:

  • Composition fines, for minor traffic offences
  • Prosecution for serious traffic offences
  • Demerit points
  • Suspension or revocation of driving license if 13 or higher number of demerit points are accumulated in the probationary period

Will Your Car Insurance Cover If You Are Caught For Traffic Offences in Singapore?

The answer to this question depends on what type of car insurance cover you have got. Generally, there are 3 types of car insurance plans in Singapore. These are:

  • Third Party Only - It covers just the third-party liabilities.
  • Third Party Fire & Theft - Third-party liabilities are covered by this plan and the loss of your vehicle in theft or fire is covered as well.
  • Comprehensive - It can cover you, your car, passengers in your vehicle as well as your liabilities in small and major accidents.

A Comprehensive Coverage can keep you covered as much as possible during a traffic offence and if you get caught for the same. It can help cover many things such as:

  • Medical costs arising due to the accident
  • Injury or death to other parties
  • Loss or damage due to accident, theft and fire
  • Damage to property of other parties
  • Damage to the windscreen
  • Damage caused due to wind storm and flood
  • Damage caused by civil commotion, strike and riot
  • Liability of passengers for negligent actions
  • Personal accident benefits for passengers in vehicle
  • No-claim discount production

In Singapore, comprehensive car insurance coverage is the option that is chosen most often. A comprehensive plan will cost you more but you will undoubtedly get maximum possible coverage which can be very useful if you get caught for a speeding offence or traffic offences of similar type.

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