Rental Car Insurance

What are the things you need to know about Rental Car Insurance.

1. Know what you pay for.
Car rental companies will make it compulsory for you to buy car insurance when you rent the car from them. However, it is always important to know what you are buying even though it is compulsory to take up the insurance. Eg. Buying personal accident cover which you are already cover.

2. Car Insurance companies
There are limited car insurance companies that offer Rental Car Insurance. Below are a few insurance companies that you can try
a. Ntuc Income
b. DirectAsia
c. Aviva

3. Cheapest car insurance rate for rental
Insurance companies are not in favour to extend this insurance coverage as the statistics for such cover shows that it leads to high claims due to accidents and theft. High excess is usually impose to deter customer driving recklessly since they don’t own the car.

4. Renting Your Personal Car
Insurance companies do not extend your car insurance coverage if you want to rent out your car under your own personal capacity. Do read your terms and conditions or check with your car insurance agents or insurance companies before you decide to do so.

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