5 Reasons Why Car Insurance Claim Gets Rejected

It can be devastating for a person to be involved in a car accident. This is despite them being the driver or the passenger. There is a lot more the owner of the car has to go through. If often includes getting the car insurance claims processed and other legal formalities.

Although having an insurance for your car is supposed to take care of the expenses involved in an accident there are chances that your claim may get rejected. It is important that you know the reasons car insurance claims can be rejected and know your rights.

We look at the top 5 reasons for these insurance claims to be rejected by most insurance service providers. These can help you avoid getting into situations where your claims are not accepted by your car’s insurance service provider.

Drunk Driving or Drink Under The Influence Of Alcohol

Apart from both of these being illegal it gives a car insurance provider good enough reasons to reject your claim. Therefore, you should ensure that you are not intoxicated by any means when you are behind the wheels of your car let alone getting into an accident.

Breaking Rules

The rules of the road and the ones pertaining to traffic is something that you would have to strictly adhere with. It not just ensures the safety of your car and the people in it but also the ones who are sharing the roads with you.

Moreover, your car insurance claims would be stronger if you had adhered to the rules of the land when you were caught up in an accident. Lane adherence, speed limits, and all the other things apparently fall under these rules.

Fraudulent Claims

Malpractices involved in submitting your claim can lead to them being rejected by the car insurance service provider. Although this is not the case with most people it is better to avoid any discrepancies involved with the claim submission with the provider.

Delay in Claim Submission

It is imperative that you take all measures to submit your car insurance claims soon after the accident. There are many people who have missed their threshold and therefore ended up having their claims rejected.

Policy Conditions Violation

While you are signing up for an insurance you ought to read the rules and regulations pertaining to the policy. Non-adherence to the insurance policy or violations of conditions are also factors that end up having a claim rejected by the car insurance provider.

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