Prevention measures against car accident

You should not be driving
Why are you driving the car when you are not fit to do so? Convenience is not a good reason by true enough it is. Below are conditions that you should not be on the wheels

People who have driven when they shouldn't:

  1. Sleepy
  2. Having serious migraine
  3. Injured and have a cast on his leg or hand
  4. Drink and Drive
  5. Did not wear glasses when you need to
  6. They are taking drugs

The above situation will increase your probability of having an accident tremendously if you insist to be in control of the wheels. Sleepy and intoxicated are irresponsible driver and will not only get yourself into an accident but greatly endanger other people’s life with your action.

At-fault car crash will increase insurance rates, and would prevent you from qualifying for a
good driver discount, which is 10 percent on a annual basis till it hit a max of 50%.

You should be driving to the repair shop

In some cases, people hit the road even though the car is not in good condition. Here are those who have driven when they shouldn't:

1.       "Check engine" light on
2.       Without a required child seat for your child
3.       Windshield wipers not working
4.       Speed meter broken
5.       Horn didn't work
6.       Headlights not working
7.       Flat tire
8.       A door had to be held closed

More Accidents mean higher car insurance premium

Driving when you – or your car – aren’t in top shape could result in an accident. If you hit another car, your 3rd Party coverage would kick in to pay for damage to the other vehicle. Likewise, if you hit a guard rail or other object, your own damage policy will cover your repair.

Multiple claims from your insurers will affect your renewal premium and insurers will even reject you when it comes to renewal. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. (See: What Happens When You File Several Claims With An Insurance Company)