Occupation that will reduce your car insurance premium

You must be wondering why is occupation require when you request for a car insurance quotation? Statistics from insurance companies have shown that people in certain fields are more risky than others in certain occupations.

Many insurers will have to consider education and occupation when they set rates and certain car insurance companies will give discount for certain occupations that they are more risk averse.

Air Steward/Stewardess, Police Officers, Pilots, Insurance Agents, Property Agents and Outdoor Sales Personnel are consider higher risk and premium will be charge at a higher rate for such occupation.

Those who qualify for a cheaper car insurance premium are as of below:

  • Accountants
  • Indoor Sales Personnel
  • Executive Manager
  • Administrator
  • CEO/Director

Does being a lawyer and doctor make you more responsible? Not necessarily. Insurance companies don't have to prove cause and effect when setting rates. They only have to show a relationship between rating factors and risk.

Car insurance discount rules vary with different insurance companies. Certain insurance companies will prefer certain occupation than others. Therefore, don’t assume that it will be the same throughout how they underwrite the risk and it is always to counter check with each insurer to get a lower car insurance premium that you desire without compromising on the coverage.
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