Benefits Of NTUC Maid Insurance & How It Works?

With almost every adult household member being busy at work, it becomes difficult to maintain the house. This may prompt you to seek a domestic helper to help with cleaning your house. At the same time, it is your responsibility to protect your helper by providing her/him with comprehensive & affordable insurance coverage.

Insurance for your maid

This is something that you cannot neglect or avoid as the rules of the country mandates it. You can choose NTUC Income that comes with three coverage types, based on your specific requirements. It also takes care of the relevant paperwork & security bond.

What coverage is offered by this insurance?

This company offers thee core types, namely Enhanced, Standard & Basic.

  • If you want to discontinue helper services, then S$500 expenses.
  • Wage compensation to about 30 days - S$35/day.
  • Medical expenses resulting from injuries to about S$3,000.
  • Ministry Manpower associated security bond – S$5,000.
  • Special grant for health – S$3,000
  • To meet expenses to send helper back home – About S$10,000.
  • Surgical & hospital expenses, per year – About S$15,000.
  • Permanent disability caused by accident or accidental death coverage – about S$80,000.
  • Personal liability protection of maid – About S$75,000.

Other benefits to derive maid insurance

This company allows you to customize your coverage requirements by providing a variety of optional add-ons. They are as follows:

  • Surgical & hospital expenses cover booster: About $100,000 add-on per year offered to be prepared against unexpected events.
  • MOM (Ministry of Manpower) security bond protector: Under MOM, under security bond, liability is limited to S$250 from S$5,000. This is in case, you did not breach the bond.
  • Insurance & work permit renewal: The insurance company will do the needful pertaining to your helper’s paperwork. It also offers courier service to ensure door-step delivery.

Contact an experienced advisor & request for an insurance plan to cover exclusively your specific requirements. You can buy a security bond for the relevant embassy.

How to save on this insurance policy?

The amount to spend on the insurance to cover your maid in Singapore is likely to vary from one provider to the other. It will be wise to do a thorough comparison check by getting competitive quotes. Also check out the coverage details to find out what is covered & missed out. Go through the fine prints of the policy very carefully to know exactly the coverage and what is protected.

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