Lowest Car Insurance Quotes In Singapore

It is always good to have more savings so that your money can work harder for you and allow you to spend on other items you like. Insurance companies will give different rates for your car renewal premium and it is always good to compare car insurance quotes online to find out the cheapest car insurance premium in the market. (See: What Are The Pitfalls Of Cheap Car Insurance)

How can we get lower car insurance quotes

Accident Free

This is the most important and easy way to get a discount if you do not have any accident. You are entitled to 10% discount every year for your car insurance renewal. However, if accident happen your NCD will be reduced and this will greatly affect your car insurance renewal  and if the accident is serious you will be given a loading on top of the discount removal.

Increase No Claim Excess

Increase your excess will reduce the premium but the cons is when you need to make a own damage claims, the fees to repair your car will be higher.

Remove Named Driver

do you know that you do not need to add named drivers to drive your car. Adding named driver especially young driver will increase your premium tremendously. However, the cons is when accident happen and you need to make own damage claim which the excess will be higher. But if you are a safe driver, why pay more?

Safe Driver Discount (SDD)

Seek for insurers that are willing to give more discounts for SDD. Most of the insurance company will give but which one will give more will depend on the comparison competitive car insurance quote you get online.

Make and Model

 - the value of your car
 - difficulty of repair and damage your car is likely to receive in an accident
 - high-tech electronics and safety features will add to your repair costs

Usage of the car

You will enjoy a cheaper car insurance premium if you use your car for leisure only and not to drive to and from work. However, the car insurance premium will be higher if you need to use it to travel to different venue of your client premise.

Compare cheap car insurance -  

Online comparison, membership discount for association, union, alumni group, from employer or club will help you to get a lower car insurance. Bear in mind, getting the lowest car insurance is good but do not compromise for the benefits which will come back to bite you if accident happens.

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