Is it legal for maid to work part time in Singapore?

Can you hire part time maid in Singapore to take care of your household work? This is a question asked commonly by many citizens. Singapore MOM (Ministry of Mapower) does not allow hiring part-time domestic helpers. You will face lots of complications in hiring part-time helpers. This is because it is considered illegal here, irrespective of service quality offered. Not only are you risking your belongings, but also may face heavy penalties from the authorities. Moreover, the maid will also be required to pay fines. Foreign Domestic Worker Law states maids to work for the employer who has sponsored her entry into the country. She is not allowed to work for anyone else or undertake part-time jobs. The permit will have clear instructions on what can be done & needs to be avoided.

Why such rules?

Such laws are in place with the intention to avoid unwanted complications. If maids are allowed to work for several employers, then there can be exploitation or inadequate rest. Also, such employers may not bear the responsibility for the maid's overall well-being. Hiring part-time helpers illegally will only put the employer's security & safety in danger.

Still, some people can be found to hire maids on a part-time basis, not following the rules & regulations. They simply seem to invite unwanted dangers & hefty fines. They can face imprisonment for 12 months or fines of about S$15,000 or even both.

Feasible solution

Some might feel that part-time helpers may be sufficient to undertake small tasks. There might not be much cleaning work to be done. Others may not be in a position to afford full-time helpers. In such a case, it will be wise to hire the services of reputed & registered house cleaning companies. These companies are reliable & follow government set rules & regulations. They will have employees with proper insurance & license, thus safeguarding their client's interests. The company should display the maid's work permit on request. This way, you can make sure that you do not violate the law in any manner and still enjoy maid services. Moreover, professional companies providing part-time helper services will conduct proper background checks of their employees. This will ensure customer safety & meet customer demands. Also, you will not face any complication or worry about having to spend money on Maid Insurance. All such aspects will be considered by the professional agency providing maids.

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