How will accident affect your car insurance premium

Accident not your fault? Your car insurance may still go up. This is a myth or is it true?

The truth is that in many cases we are terrified about car accidents. Not only because of the accident itself, but for the price of our car insurance, which is more likely to rise. As a result, we could end up paying more. But, the issue does not stop there. There have been serious reports about companies that also rise prime prices for everyone involved in an accident, even if they did not cause it.

Based on the past record, insurance companies will most likely raise up their premium if the accident increase considerably especially for certain Make and Model. The premium can increase as high as 50% if the claims record is very bad. Another reason for the huge raise in certain cases is to prevent more of such Make and Models to be taken in since the past record is not good. Certain insurance companies do progressive increases and in some times over months to try to pass unnoticed. The strategies are diverse in concept, but the ultimate goal is the same, to apply surcharge based on an accident you did not provoke.

Moreover, car owners must be aware that online car insurance quotes are just a point of start, from which companies might start to add surcharges. On the other hand, some insurance companies have claimed that they do penalize their drivers when the fault is not clear, or that the insurance does incur in some costs for the accident, such as negotiating with the other insurance company, and other paperwork. Cases where an accident is 100% accountable to just one driver do exist but in most cases the blame is shared.

We have developed a business model that allows our company to provide accurate and timely information to our customers, informing them about their policy without small letters in the contract. In this sense, we invite you to talk to one of our representatives who will be more than happy to inform you about our offers and carefully create a policy that adapts your needs.

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If you are currently working with another company, and it is refusing or confusing you about the charges for being involved in an accident you did not cause, we invite you to contact us and receive a custom offer, no strings attached. Sadly, most companies hide their decisions behind different titles that do not specify the reason for the surcharge. As a consequence, it will be very difficult to notice whether this increase is reasonable or if it obeys an unjust charge, that you will end up paying.

We will address this issue immediately and create an offer that will give you the peace of mind you were searching the first time for your car insurance. We offer a tremendously different service as we believe in honesty above all. Give us the opportunity to provide you with the best car insurance in Singapore.

Lastly, make sure that you understand each of the surcharges your company might have included in your invoice, as many companies might repeat the tendency of undercover charges based on other unjust policies, damaging their client’s pockets.

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