How to Save When You Buy Car Insurance

Cars are getting more expensive and car insurance which is compulsory is also not cheap. Therefore, car owners can save cost by looking into ways to save cost in their car insurance. The good news is there are things that you can do to minimize the car insurance cost. Below are some of the ways to save your motor car insurance dollars. (See: Buying Car Insurance: You Better Shop Around)

1. Car Insurance Quote Online
It is good to go online to compare and request for quotations to get the cheapest car insurance. There are sites that do comparison on your behalf and source from multiple insurers to get you the cheapest car insurance yet not compromise on the cover. Below are the insurance companies. (See: Direct vs Traditional Car Insurance Companies)
a. Ntuc car insurance
b. Liberty insurance
c. Tokio Marine insurance
d. Axa car insurance
e. Shc insurance
f. Oac car insurance
g. China Taiping car insurance
h. Aig car insurance
Other source will be Online Direct Car insurance provider like Directasia and Aviva.

2. Keep A Clean Accident Free Record
Accident is one of the main key factors that will increase your car insurance premium rates. Avoid getting into an accident and if accident really happen, it will be good to have a private settlement so that it will not be recorded as a claim to affect your car insurance premium.

3. Car Make and Model
Different Make and Model will affect the motor car insurance premium. High Performance cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin will have high premium and Saloon cars like Nissan, Honda, Toyota will have a much lower premium.
However, Model will also affect the premium greatly. Example, Nissan GTR is the high performance range and premium will not be cheap as it is deem to be more risky to cover due to their performance.

4. Consider Raising Your Own Damage Excess
When you buy car insurance, you can choose the own damage excess, the lower the excess, the higher the annual premium. Conversely, the higher the excess is, the lower the premium.

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