How to Save When You Want to Renew Your Maid's Contract

As the employer of your maid, it is your responsibility to renew her/his contract on time, before it expires. Most of the maids come from other countries. To work in a place like Singapore, they need a functional work permit. This work permit usually expires in two years. This is an administrative process and handled by the maid agencies of Singapore from where you have hired the domestic help. When you are renewing their contract, you can save good bucks.

Go for the DIY process

You can contact the agency and can tell them that you can do it yourself and can save a good amount of money. By this way, you can avoid the agency fees. Maid agencies will usually not publish the fees for the renewal of the contracts. This renewal rates also vary from one agency to another and they charge approx S$300 to S$400 as the agency fees. You can avoid this charge by renewing the insurance and work permit of your maid.

Check the latest law and regulations

The laws and regulations for contract renewal of maid often change. Before renewing the contract, you need to check for the latest requirements. You can visit different websites for the same. You can contact the embassy of your maid's country to know about all other requirements, you need to renew the passport of the maid too. Some countries require buying a specific bond, if you have insurance for the maid, you can buy it through the accredited insurers.


To save money, it is important to extend the insurance of the maid first. You need to do some research and find a suitable insurer to get the best value of the insurance. Research properly if you want to find the affordable one. Many insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage and protection against any type of unfortunate event.

Renew it online

When you want to renew the work permit of your maid while saving good money, you can do it online. Different websites can help you to get it done online. You need to have all the documents ready like a scanned copy of the maid's passport, security bond or insurance paper, details to get the card delivered etc. When you are renewing it online, you can save the money of travelling to the agencies or paying extra charges of them. You can compare the renewal fees of different websites and can choose the one that offering a justified amount.

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