How Will Drink Driving Affect Your Car Insurance Claims?

If you are an avid drinker and you drink and drive, you must be prepared that insurer will not acknowledge your insurance coverage when an accident happens. Look at it this way, if you insure your house against fire then you burn it, you will not be compensated because you caused the fire. In fact, you will be charged for arson. Now let’s come back to car insurance claims. There are drink driving penalties and one of them is you not being compensated when you get an accident that was caused by drunk driving. Here is how drink driving will affect your car insurance claims.

When you apply for car insurance cover, there are certain terms that you will have to agree to and one of them is that you should only be compensated for pure risks. Accidents that are intentionally caused will not be compensated. In that regard, you know very well that if you drink and drive, you will be exposing yourself to the risk of an accident because your ability to make good judgment will be compromised. It is because of this that it is prohibited by law to drink and drive. Car insurance claims as a result of drink driving are rarely compensated.

Drink driving is dangerous and no matter what the situation is, please avoid driving when you are drunk. The insurance company will deny your compensation when you have an accident, and the law charges on grounds of drink driving penalties. These penalties could be a fine, a jail term, or both. On top of that, you will be required to pay for all own damages that resulted from the accident. Any third party who claims from your car insurance policy will be first compensated by the insurer which you make your purchase from, however, they will back claim against you once they settle with the third-party claimant.

When you are drunk and an accident happens, you will not be in the right mind to notify the insurance company promptly. Chances are you will notify them after you have been sober and by then you will not have a clear memory of what happened. Failure to account for what happened may jeopardize your efforts to claim compensation. Car insurance claims made as a result of drink driving are in many cases never compensated.

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