How Car Insurance purchase be made Simple?

The car insurances companies usually give a lot of insurance jargon, terms, coverages and wordings that mostly consists of confusing their clients with terms they are not prepared to understand, and even if they do, they will use numerous policies and small letters to confuse or make it difficult for layman to understand who just want to pay for a competitive car insurance premium and move on. However, we want to do it differently and our main goal is to provide our customers with clarity of the coverage given and for the service they are requesting and advise them during the process, so they understand completely the car insurance policy they are buying.

New or Used Car Insurance

If you are buying a new or used car, we will cater the car insurance policy based on your needs and also advise accordingly based on the information that you have given to us. Remembering that many dealerships will not let you take possession of your car unless you have taken up the car insurance coverage and we strongly recommend you to start the process and contact us before your car arrives. The dealers will also make things difficult for you and discourage you from taking insurance from other party except them. However, you can negotiate with them if their rates and coverage are not competitive and you have the option to take up with other source that offer better rates and terms.

If you are a new customer, we will guide you through an expedited process that will give you the opportunity to contact your service really fast receiving your quote right after you contact us without the need of waiting to your actual policy expires. If you are a previous customer you should contact us and we will make the arrangements to transfer your actual insurance policy to your new car.

If you transfer a policy to a new car, you will have exactly the same or better coverage, so if you have a Loss Of Use Coverage, you might probably want to add a No Claim Discount Protector for your new car. In this sense, our staffs will advise you in the process and advice you on some of the issues you might have with your actual policy.

Extended Warranty Car insurance

Many companies offer car repair insurance, that will save you from having to pay the entire repair of a major breakdown such as a blown engine or transmission all on your own. Adding this service to your policy can be added to a regular auto insurance policy at request. Sometimes, it’s availability depends on each model type and manufacturing year.

This type of policy will work as an extended warranty from your car dealer, it covers the same problems. As a result, the policy is subject to change each year, covering different services and changing its price. Many companies do not disclose this information until you have signed, but there is a deductible so minor repairs will not be covered. We recommend you check with the respective insurance company that you purchase from to make sure your policy covers the repairmen and provide a pre-authorisation file to show to the authorized repair shop.

What type of coverage do I need?

The amount of car insurance coverage you need varies depending on your own requirement and how old is your vehicle. Below are some coverage that are useful when accident happen

  • Loss Of Use – this coverage gives you a courtesy car or $x for a number of days when your car is sent into the workshop for accident repair.
  • No Claims Discount Protector (NCD Protector) – this will protect your NCD from reducing 30% when accident happen. This is a very good coverage to have as it will take 3 years to recover the full 30% and the discount is equal
  • Named Driver – all drivers all allow to drive your car if your give permission, however, for unnamed driver, the excess will be higher and if your spouse or children will be a frequent user of your car, it will be prefer to name them to avoid higher excess to be paid when you need to repair the car due to accident.
  • Restricted Driver – this is a coverage that only restrict the driver that are name in the policy. This coverage will help you to save your car insurance premium but do note that you will be in trouble when other driver drives your car and the insurance company will reject your claims if it happen. Do not forget if you choose such cover and it will be very costly if it is a serious accident and you are not covered.

Own Damage Excess

Car Insurance, in general, has different parts and quarters for each, which can result in a very confusing context for you to take a financial decision. One of the most complex terms is Own Damage Excess. The excess is the amount you owe for repairs if your car gets damaged in an accident or another covered situation under your hired policy. After you pay this deductible, your insurance company will cover the rest.

So, when analysing insurance offers, you should pay close attention to this term. As many companies might raise it with the hope that you do not pay attention to it, and when an accident happens you will feel like there are taking off your pocket. We recommend you to choose the own damage excess option that you can afford if an accident happens.

The price of the excess varies and it can be adjusted accordingly, however, do note that not all insurance companies will offer full excess waiver or $0 excess. So, if you need to save a little money increasing your excess will lower your premium and save money on the premium costs. However, you might want to make sure you always have that money available in case an accident happens. In this sense, you should consider your household budget, personal saving, and your available credit when comparing offers.

Our team will explain to you all of these topics personally at any time. We provide simplicity and good deals with competitive car insurance premium and coverage, at the same time we also have after service to help clients who met with an accident Our clients keep returning for a reason. Request your policy and start receiving the peace of mind you deserve.

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