Getting The Right Working relationship with your domestic helper in Singapore

Having a Domestic helper at home is not only a luxury but necessity. This becomes all the more essential if you lead a busy life & have child & elderly parents at home. Therefore, it is important that you have a cordial working relationship with your domestic helper. You do deserve to have a trustworthy pair of hands to assist you in cleaning your home & performing household chores and over time some employer made helpers integral into their families.

However, navigating the helper-employer relationship at times can be tricky. It is important to treat your maid properly and be able to stay together in harmony. It will help to foster a cordial environment at your home.

Tips to maintain a positive relationship with your Maid

  • Help her to be comfortable: It can be stressful for anyone to adjust to new people & the environment. You can alleviate a few of her stress & tension. Another concern is personal health. She may be worried about falling sick especially in a foreign land as medical expenses in Singapore are expensive. You need to take proper insurance for your domestic help to get relief from all unwanted worries. This way, both of you can have peace of mind.
  • Set clear expectations: What work you desire from your help should be made clear. Since both employee & employer stay under the same roof, it is likely to change inadvertently their dynamics. Hence, it will be wise to communicate clearly her responsibilities & duties. Detail your requirements & needs, including trivial things. This will help her to prioritize her work & perform it to your satisfaction. But do ensure giving realistic goals & not over-work her.
  • Foster communication & not fear: You may have hired a helper from another country, background & culture. Hence, her communication habits & lifestyle may be different. You need to give her adequate time to get settled into your environment. Listen to her doubts, questions & understand what she has to say. If she makes mistakes, then be patient and discuss it with her tactfully. Do offer suggestions to make the tasks seem easier.
  • Develop rapport & trust: Daily communication quality with your helper is likely to improve with a proper working relationship. This is best built with mutual understanding & trust. You can take simple actions like knowing her better and celebrating special occasions like her birthday. Little appreciative acts do help her to feel at home & be cared for.

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