Frequently-Asked Questions for Maid Insurance

Do you need to buy a security bond and when should you buy it for Maid Insurance?

A security bond is like a binding pledge for the maid to pay the country government if the maid or you break the conditions of work permit or laws involved in it. This is more like the guarantee of the bankers and it is necessary to buy such a bond for your maid who is coming from other countries. You need to buy the security bond for your helper before her/his arrival in Singapore. You can buy the security bond alone or as a package with their insurance. You need to send also the details of the bond to your insurer and need to make sure that the bond is on effect when the maid arrives. Your helper needs to have a copy of the bond to enter in Singapore.

How can you get your security bond deposit back when you cease the employment?

When you are terminating the contract of the maid, you need to follow the right ways that are laid out in the contract to get back the bond deposit. If you do not follow the rules, you can lose the security bond money. Most of the agreement or contracts come with the termination clauses where you will find the notice period. This notice period will determine how many days should be taken when you cease employment. To get the security bond deposit back, you need to follow the right employment rules or the work permit regulations. The contract should be comprehensive enough so that you can get the money back at the time of contract termination. To terminate her, you need to give enough notice periods to her. Count her last day of work and you need to buy flight ticket also for the maid. You need to cancel the work permit of the maid as it expires or within a week of her last working day.

How can my bond deposit be forfeited and how do you protect it?

Your security bond can be fortified in different situations:
  • If the maid or you violate any part of the security bond or the work permit
  • It can be forfeited if you failed to give the salary of your maid on time
  • If you do not send your maid home as her work permit expires, cancelled or revoked
  • If the maid goes missing

You can protect if by providing the proof that you are not liable for the violations of the maid. You can inform the maid about the condition of the work permit so that she complies with it. Have a copy of the reported violation when you come to know about it.

What are the documents required for Application of Maid Insurance?

  • Scanned copy of the passport of your maid (she should have a valid passport)
  • The paper of the work permit

What is the worker levy and how to apply for Work Permit for the Maid Insurance?

There is a pricing mechanism that regulates the total number of workers who came outside of Singapore. This liability can start from the day of their work permit issued. You can apply for the work permit through the maid agencies or can apply online by paying $35 for every pass. You can apply for the insurance through the different website also.

Can you hire a maid directly without a maid agency?

Yes, it is possible to hire a maid in Singapore without any help from the agency. This is a cost-cutting option also. To hire a maid, you can take part in an employer’s orientation program if you are hiring the maid for the first time. You can find a suitable candidate online. You need to check the origin country, age, educational background, health condition etc before hiring. Set the right terms of work with them, apply for their work permit, insurance and security bond and then finalize your deal with the maid.

When should you buy Maid Insurance?

It is mandatory to buy maid insurance in Singapore for the domestic helpers who are from other countries. This insurance may cover their medical charges and work-related accidents. You need to buy such insurance before the arrival of the maid in your country. After finalizing the deal with your maid online, you need to buy the insurance and the insurance will be in working condition when the maid will arrive.

What are the benefits of buying Maid Insurance?

There are several benefits of buying such insurance. It can cover the expenses of any damage of the personal belongings of the maid like jewelry, laptops, smart phones etc. it can cover the replacement expenses of the maid agency if you want to change the maid due to their permanent disability or death. It can offer a repatriation payout to the family of the maid also if the maid is disabled permanently or dead. You can get the cost coverage also when you want to send the person back to his/her country. As per the choice of policy, it can cover the entire cost if the maid is in hospital and not able to work. Outpatient expenses, third party coverage can be added in the insurance coverage too. It can save also your properties from any type of theft perpetrated by the maid.

Is the compulsory coverage of maid insurance enough?

It is mandatory to complete the basic requirements set by MOM. Most of the employers think that the coverage is enough but this not true always. You can consider few important add-ons to get the best benefits and coverage from the insurance.

What should you do for Early Termination for Maid Insurance?

Most of the maid insurance is set for 14months to 26 months of duration. You can terminate the insurance in case of the death of the maid, permanent disability or even if the helper breaks the rule of the contract. You need to contact the maid agency or the insurer itself to terminate the existing plan.

How to claim Maid Insurance?

To claim the insurance, you need to submit a maid insurance claim form and need to attach necessary supporting documents with it. On the receipt of your documents, your insurance claim can be assessed.

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