Frequently-Asked-Questions for Car Insurance Claims

What do insurers declare total loss instead of repair for your vehicle?

When you buy motor insurance, the insurer may tell you that the policy will give you the benefit of covering the total loss but that does not mean that the insurer will cover the entire replacement cost. Total loss means where the cost of repairing may exceed the insured value or the car value.

What should I do if I have an accident in Malaysia?

If you have an accident in Malaysia, you need to contact your insurance company first, as soon as possible after the accident. You also need to make a police report regarding the accident. Then it is important to document your accident. Gather all the necessary and relevant documents of the accident to claim the car insurance and submit your relevant documents to the panel workshop or the insurer. .

What are the documents needed to make a claim when an accident happens?

To claim your car insurance, you need to gather a few important documents. First, you need to have the chassis and the engine number, have your policy number, complete contact details. Complete details of the insured person; have detailed documentation of the theft or accident of the car (time, place, date etc). Have the complete details of the car, the complete amount of loss, contact details of the witness, complete documentation or description of the incident, reference or claim number. .

Apart from these, you need some other documents ready like:.

  • Copy of your insurance policy
  • Copy of the Registration certificate of your car
  • Driving license of the driver who made the accident

Do I need to make a report to the policy when I met with an accident?

No, unless there is a injury or accident with a diplomatic vehicle

What should I do if there is a hit & run for my vehicle?

  • Immediately call the emergency number and try to note whatever you can remember about the car that hit you such as the number, color, model etc.
  • Try to find out the available witness and note down their contact details.
  • You can take some pictures of the place and scene, your car etc.
  • Within 24 hours, make a police report
  • Call your insurance company and provide them as many proofs as you have
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