Changes in car related matters during COVID 19 Circuit Breaker period. (Car Insurance, Car Inspection, Car Deregistration & Scrapping, COE Renewal)

Car Insurance

It is considered as Essential Services under Banking and Finance. Insurance services (e.g. claims servicing, servicing and renewal of policy, inception of policy, insurance broking, financial advisory). Therefore, you can still proceed with the renewal or purchase of car insurance for your vehicle.

Car Inspection

LTA mentioned that car inspection for private cars will be deferred and road tax for such vehicles can be renewed for six months provided that they have valid car insurance coverage.
However, they need to go for car inspection once the Circuit Breaker is over.
As for goods vehicles, taxis, motorcycles, private-hire cars, and buses need to go for periodic inspections.

Car Deregistration & Scrapping

For car owners including commercial vehicles who need to deregister their vehicles at this period, LTA will add additional two months on top of the current one month it will usually give to dispose of their vehicles. It must be all LTA-authorized scrapyards and Export Processing Zones.
Do note that car owners need to ensure that they have valid road tax and car insurance coverage.

COE Renewal

New vehicle – All the car show rooms and vehicle dealerships will be closed during the circuit breaker period and all the COE bidding exercises will be suspended.

Existing vehicle – You can renew your car during the circuit breaker period and it is determined by the Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP).

The PQP is generated by the moving average of COE prices and it varies monthly depending on the bidding exercises in the last 3 months.

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