Motor Insurance Claim Procedure

Steps to do when car accident happen


Personal Particulars of Third Party
(if it is a chain collision, please collect all parties info)

  • Name & NRIC of the driver involved
  • Contact No
  • Vehicle No
  • Insurance Company


Photos or video to be taken on the accident scene
(All parties cars involved in the accident)


Witness information if there is any
(Names and Contact Numbers)

*Important: Do not admit that it is your fault when accident happen. Call your servicing agent or insurance company for advice

Report & Repair

  • Sent your car to insurance company’s authorized workshop to report & repair the damage vehicle.
  • You need to report within 1 working day as per GIA’s ruling to avoid penalty of 10% deduction in your NCD (whether it is your fault or Third Party fault).
  • You can choose to go to your own workshop if you have taken Any Workshop plan or it is not your fault in the accident (call your agent to give you the advice before you decide).
  • If you want to claim under Third Party policy, you do not need to pay for excess, however, if you make own damage claim, you need to fork out to pay for it unless you enjoy $0 excess.
  • Replacement of Car – do check if your insurance policy provide you with the replacement of vehicle when you car is under repair. In some cases, if the accident is not your fault, workshop will provide vehicle for your use and will claim against Third Party who is at fault.
  • You only need to make a Police Report when below happen
    • Injury for any parties which includes the passengers
    • Non-injury involving a govt vehicle & damage to govt property
    • Non-injury involving a foreign vehicle
    • Non-injury involving a pedestrian or cyclist
    • Any accident outside of Singapore


  • The workshop will advise you when the car is ready for collection.
  • Do ensure you do all the proper check of your vehicle before you sign off to get your car.
  • Insurance Companies do provide warranty after the accident repair and check with your insurance agent to confirm the details.

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